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We have developed the leading strategic toolkit for commercial excellence. A set of smart analytics and working tools that drives top and bottom line growth of our industry leading customers!

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Five modules help our customers outperform their industry peers:

Module Impact | Drive your pricing & margin

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A world-class analytical toolset that automatically guides you to profitability increasing actions. Logon and fly:

  • + What is your general sales and profitability development?
  • + Where do you loose profitability and how can you improve?
  • + Which strategic pricing opportunities do you have?
  • + To which degree do you meet target prices?
  • + Simulate needed price increases to offset raw material developments.
  • + Build volume / price szenarios.

Module Grow | Drive your top line growth

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Full market transparency! All customer- and prospect potentials on hand. Automated hitlists to hunt for new business in a way you haven`t done before!

  • + How big is your market gap?
  • + What are attractive market segments?
  • + Which specific potentials can you gain from which customers/ prospects?
  • + Create hitlists per competitor/ product and hunt.
  • + What is your current market share and how will it develop?


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Only actions create results – a top notch module to manage your sales opportunities.

  • + Sales Steering: The module provides a full process management and reporting to manage sales.
  • + Bridge: How does my pipeline develop?
  • + Ramp up Curve: By when can I expect which impact on my P&L?
  • + Funnel: How fast is my conversion speed? Where do I loose most opportunities?


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Our sales steering dashboards guide your attention to where it`s realy needed. Whether it is key account plans, pricing opportunities, margin or sales developments, … we have the right dashboard what really matters.


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We have re-defined the way professional key/ strategic account management is done.

  • + Quantitative and qualitative target setting based on
  • + Key buying factor and differentiation analytics.
  • + Action management linked to targets.
  • + Assessment of competitive environment.
  • + Multi-year sales planning and forecasting
  • + Approval process.
  • + Cockpits.

Trends: How does your sales and profitability develop over time?

Bridge: How does your pipeline develop? How many opportunities did you identify? What have you won and lost? What is still in progress?

Demand Analysis: Get full transparency on customer and prospect potentials down on a product type level. What is their demand, who is their current supplier?

Sales Steering: Manage your sales via tailored dashboards. Which activities need attention? What is the development of your account plans etc

Waterfall: Understand your cost structure down to a material item level. Simulate cost developments, pricing- and volume szenarios.

Share of Wallet: What is your current market share i? How will it develop based on your multi-year-planning?

Gap Analysis: Identify the unknown. How much of the market haven’t you identifed yet? This is a trade-off with external market data!

Market Position: What is the size and the development of certain target markets? What is your current market share and what will it be based on your multi-year-planning?

Pricing Compliance: Do you meet your  target prices? Where are you successful and where are you lacking behind? No more product-mix confusion. The tool calculates on item level and aggregates.