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Manual Labor

Real life scenario:

A production company updates prices of their entire portfolio consisting of 1000 customers.
[every 1-3 months]

Each customer’s designated price list must be updated and transferred to the ERP system.
[5-10 min per price list]

Resulting in roughly 56 working days per year
invested into manual price updates.
[1 workforce’s quarter of the time/pay]

Our Robots eliminate time intensive manual work in any ERP

Kill your error rate with ERP Robots


The hero in the era of price volatility. He facilitates mass price changes. The more prices he updates the faster he gets.


This beast pulls contracts, call-offs and consigment stock from your ERP to make further call-off creation easier than ever.

Sales Contract

Your best friend regarding Sales contract creation.

Production Change

This wizard keeps your production running – in time. Provides alternate materials and carries out the requested adaptation in your ERP.


The warrior that pulls current order configurations from your ERP for further configuration adjustment and/or completion.

PO Confirmation

The name says it all! This grinder facilitates Purchase Order Confirmations. For instance: PO number, PO item, Req. del. date, Order quantity…

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