"You are 20% too expensive!"


Find the highest price point at the ideal hitrate.

We have developed a complex model which determines the ideal offering to the market.

The ultimate upgrade to market-based pricing collects and considers the prices of your competitors.

Get on board to determine the perfect price strategy!

Optimize your price for your specific market!


Uncover competitor prices on your own!


Create value, back it up, and charge it!

The three CPM Pricing concepts:

Market-based target Pricing

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Competition-based Pricing

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Based on the ecommerce recommendation algorithym “People who bought this also bought this”

We have cracked this code and implemented it to uncover your competitor prices!

PricePulse is a price collecting machine that sources internally via quotation feedback analysis.

Value-based Pricing

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Whether the price is high or low is exclusively assessed by your customer.

The basis is the value you offer him/her. Have you already calculated this value?

If not, how will you argue for it and negotiate properly?

Get out of the ‘cost-plus’ trap and enter the universe of value-selling. We help to differentiate commodity from value opportunities.

Get to know our value calculator and implement a new approach toward pricing.

1. Differentiation: Identify criteria to differentiate from competitors

2. Key Buying Factors/ Values: Determine the ‘next-best-alternative’ and understand what for customers are willing to pay more.

3. Value Pricing: Calculate a monetary value for your services and products

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