With our PEAKS OF SALES excellence program we married the best of two worlds


CPM developed this cutting edge talent program together with the Vienna university of applied science.

The outcome is an outstanding talent program which – for good reasons – became huge success.

Attitude and Mindset

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The road to success can be hard and  bumpy. During our first module you climb the mountain of winners.
The session is packed with state-of-the-art tools to keep you focused on the track of winners.

It all starts with building your self-strategy. We define your vision and program your internal attitude towards it.
Adopt the behaviours of highly successful people, eliminate hurdles and expand your circle of influence. 

Leadership and Influencing

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Our DISC leadership seminar is an exceptional high-impact training.
You will learn about your own personality and how to quickly read and influence any of your counterparts.
Understand how your behavioural tendencies affect others.

In preparation we invite you to do an online personality assessment. We work with the globally most recognised leadership tool: DiSC.

During the session you will receive your personality profile to mirror and reflect your own behavioural tendencies.
We quickly move towards reading other personalities and understand differences.
You will get excited when we develop strategies for better cooperation and working with others while increasing productivity.
Finally you will master our nine influencing techniques after this premium training.


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Account Strategy

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Our Account Strategy/ Management contains all the best practises we have build up during our consultancy work with global and industry leading companies.

The module is packed with strategic tools and finally provides you with our how-to-win account workbook.
This workbook is based on our web-based SpotOn account management module which helped hundreds of account managers to successful customer strategy implementations.

Value Propositioning

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Your value proposition is the most important element of your overall marketing and sales message.

A value proposition tells prospects and customers why they should do business with you rather than your competitors, and makes the benefits of your products or services crystal clear from the outset.

Unfortunately, many businesses either bury their value proposition in buzzwords or meaningless slogans.

We will fuel you with a framework how to define winning value propositions. Get on board – your customers will be flashed soon.

Business Analytics

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Playing Golf while doing business through relationship is certainly great. However, times changed and today your business partner might have done MBAs or similar and challenge you with detailed business facts and tailored strategies.

It’s time to lift up your analytical understanding.

Get on board for this exciting session in which we are playing a strategic business game. In our simulations you will be in the board of a company.
While making decisions to drive your business strategy you will directly experience the impact of choices.

Besides other topics you will rule financial instruments like profit and loss statements, balance sheets, cash flow, working capital etc after this seminar.


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All of us negotiate every day. Kids, spoused and business partners keep our negotiation agenda busy.

However, what differentiates skilled negotiators is that they apply a robust framework to achieve their interest and targets.
Our negotiation module will skill you with an unbeatable preparation toolset to master both relevant layers in any negotiation:

Process and the content. We will practise to identify and apply tactics and counter-tactics.
Finally we will adopt the art of communication to turn negative statements into getting a ‚yes‘ through the right technique of questions.

Get on board – this is truly exciting and everyone can become a skilled negotiator. 


Customer Centricity

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Customer centric organisations are the ones to win the competitive arena.

In this session we will first explore the impact of  customer experience.
Our unique CX framework will equip you with all the skills to design and drive customer experience excellence.

We will design your Customer Journey through a five step mapping to understand critical touch points
You will learn how staffing and digital innovations transforms your customer experience.

Finally we create your CX strategy and roadmap to design a new customer experience.

Change Management

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Change Management is ultimately a critical leadership skill, at the same time a complex one.
We have therefore designed our change management module around critical pillars:

Conflict and Cooperation: There is no change without conflicts. Learn how to avoid irritation and intervene in an effective way.

Transformation as a Project: Profound change requires a thorough concept. It has to be designed and managed on various levels.
Change does not happen without working on the company culture. You will learn how to successfully setup a change project and manage the transition.

Self Organisation and Change: Learn and master agile methods to transform the organisation via tailored tools.


Sales Leadership

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You get the team which you deserve.

Our last peak deals exclusively how to lead your team to outstanding results.

We will explore team group dynamics and how to deal with them. Master and adapt your leadership style to situation and team members.
Understand motivational frameworks and how to successfully apply them to which personality type.

As a huge benefit of this sales leadership session we will dive into modern sales force effectiveness frameworks:
How can you truly measure the effectiveness of your sales force and lead the team to their next level?



Why do companies book our trainings?

Build exceptional standards

Our Sales Peaks program is perfectly designed to create a corporate standard in how your sales organisation acts in the market.

Work with the best

We are THE commercial / sales excellence consultancy. Our trainings transform into business performance.

Go beyond a training

Our participants benefit from years of true business experience.


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