Our high-impact leadership programs are designed to accompany you through your leadership journey.

We have focused our seminar content on the main challenges every manager and leader will have to master at some point in career.

If you are one of them we are looking forward to welcome you in our trainings:

Leadership Basics

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“Eat. Sleep. Lead. Repeat. Your new normal”

Our Leadership Basics seminar helps you with the transition from employee to manager.

Learn more about the challenges, expectations and tasks associated with your new role and which characteristics and competencies contribute significantly to leadership success. Analyze your personal understanding of roles, get to know different leadership styles and leadership techniques and reflect on your leadership behaviour.  A repetition of the most important basics of successful communication rounds off the program

+ What challenges and expectations does the transition from employee to manager entail and how can you deal with them?

+ Analysis of characteristics and competencies that contribute to leadership success

+ Which tasks are associated with a management position and what is my personal understanding of roles?

+ Get to know different styles and find your personal leadership style

+ Learn more about leadership techniques and how to use them

+ Repeat the most important basics of positive communication and good communication structures

Leadership Advanced

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In our seminar Leadership Advanced we deal with the daily tasks and challenges of managers in the middle management.

You will gain insights into techniques on how to guide, accompany and develop your employees into a successful team, how to survive between the requirements of different hierarchical levels and how to prepare and conduct event-related discussions. An introduction to the time management concept of “Big Rocks Planning” rounds of the program.

+ Reflect on your leadership experiences: What challenges and tasks do you have to face as a manager and how do you deal with them?

+ Guiding and accompanying employees: Get to know the differences between leading / managing / coaching and use them purposefully. What stressors are my employees exposed to and what are their motivators? Why is personnel development important and how can I promote the potential of my employees?

+ Gain role clarity in middle management through a change of perspective and strengthen the trust of all levels in your leadership qualities through conducive communication structures.

Teamwork makes the dream work

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Team work makes the dream work – Better cooperation using DISC

Our DISC leadership seminar is an exceptional high-impact training for better cooperation with different personalities.

Understanding self is the first step to more effective teamwork. Once you understand your own preferences we move towards your colleagues: Which personality profiles are they, what are their typical priorities and behaviours? How can we use diversity for an effective cooperation? DiSC provides you with hands-on recipes how to deal with anyone out there.

+ Read other personalities quickly and understand differences

+ Develop strategies for working together to increase productivity

+ Enhance your effectiveness by improving relationships with others

+ Master influencing techniques


Visionary thinking

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The road to success can be hard and bumpy. This module gives you state-of-the-art tools to keep your mental focus on the right track. Create success-focused attitude, understand and apply the ‘behaviour of highly successful people’.

Topics included

+ Visions and how to determine your behaviour

+ Habits of highly successful people

+ Circle of influence and how to expand

+ How to eliminate obstacles

+ Opportunity thinker

Creating high performance teams

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Everybody wants to work with the high performer. Even better when, creating high performance teams results into 1+1=3.

In our seminar we work with the Five Behaviours which are based on “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team” by Patrick Lencioni.

Once maximized, the five behaviours will result in a team that operates as efficiently and effectively as possible. The characteristics are Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability and Results.

Prior to the training we are sending the team through an online assessment. The team profile and training program lets team members know how they are doing and how they become more cohesive. During the training we will work on becoming a high performance team.

Time Mastery

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Time management means self-management: we need appropriate behaviors to gain control over time. Good results come from good habits – learn to manage them.

In this seminar you will get your personalised analysis of the Time Mastery Profile. The report is based on numerous categories: Attitude, goals, priorities,  analysis, task planning, time planning, interruption handling, meeting efficiency, written communication, delegation, procrastination and time management of teams. Our Time Mastery Profile is an excellent tool to quickly determine your focus areas for efficiency improvement.

+ Examine your usual time management behaviours and see if your habits help or hinder you

+ Get to know and use different instruments of time management

+ Change your habits and create action plans:

+ What are your strengths?

+ Where should you improve?

+ Which categories are most important for your work?

+ Which categories do you have the most influence on and which are the easiest to change?

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