IMPACT drives your systematic margin management!

Improve your bottom line margins by 1-5 percent systematically!

Identify Negative Business

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PARETO: Our #1 eye opener analysis when it comes to margin management. All manufacturing companies make 80% of their profit with only 20% of their customers. After these stars there is a long list of customers which are not generating true bottom line profit but helping the utilisation. A few customers screw up large parts of the profitability.

This analysis immediately shows where your attention is required:

  • Protect: Which of your customers, products generate most of your profit?
  • Up or Out:  What is the negative tail – where do you loose and what should be immediately improved or eliminated?

Understand profit drivers

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WATERFALL: There is no company who cannot make great use of our waterfall! This analysis visualises the detailed P/L split on any level required: Customer | product group | material | order.

It perfectly helps to understand the cost structure and clarify questions like:

  • Is our pricing right?
  • Did we have too much waste in our production?
  • Have there been any production (speed) issues?
  • What is our proportion of SGA cost?

Simulate Scenarios

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Our WATERFALL goes a few steps further and allows complex simulations, eg:

  • What is the impact if a certain raw material increases?
  • What is the financial impact of increase of our production cost?
  • What if a certain customer asks if we can give 5% price reduction while he buys 10% more? What is the bottom line impact?

Our waterfall offers almost endless applications for your fact-based-decision making!

Track performance over time

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Our LINE CHARTS are an easy way to understand your performance over time.

  • How does your sales and profit develop over the last months?
  • How does your raw material cost and pass through develop over time?

Total performance, per plant, per customer or per product … As in all our analytics you can easily show the performance on any level with two mouse clicks.

Manage your portfolio

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Our Scatter Plot is the most powerful analysis tool you have probably ever worked with. Easily show the performance per sales representatives, customers, materials etc

Its often used to answer questions like:

  • What is the sales and profitability contribution per customer?
  • What is the impact of the product mix within a certain customer?
  • Where do we have pricing opportunitities?
  • What is the market price?
  • Are we using our sales force effectively?

Watch our 4 step-by-step demo videos

See how quickly you can identifiy true potentials. This is a real case study based on a customer specific example!


See how quickly Lara identifies negative business.



Lara easily received the detailed cost drill down via our waterfall analysis.
Its clear we have a significant margin issue.


There is a continuous problem with that customer throughout this year.
We have to act.


Lara gets the market price via our scatter plot.
The current picture gives her a lot of confidence to act.

Ask for a demo with real life examples