CRM - more than an administrative tool

True customer centricity – based on facts instead of gut feeling

Start tracking customer satisfaction

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Customer Satisfaction Survey: No paid agency – no external cloud service.
Our Built-In Customer Satisfaction Survey completes MySalesDNA as a strategic toolbox.

  • Create: Build a questionnaire
  • Sendout:  Distribute to customers
  • Analyze: Examine the results via our buying center analysis
  • Progress: Implement your influencing strategy

Do your customers like you?

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BUYING CENTER: 1 Click to answer three questions

  • Did we improve our general Net Promoter Score?
  • Do we really know who we are dealing with?
  • How often do we visit our customers?

Improve decisive relationships

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Our BUYING CENTER provides detailed analysis on Stakeholder level, meaning:

  • Previous and recent net promoter score of each stakeholder – did the rating improve or exacerbate over time?
  • Job title, organizational power and role (decision-maker, gatekeeper, coach)
  • Stakeholder visit count

Spot the decision maker’s attitude towards your company to act accordingly.

Understand your customer's Key Buying Factors

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Our Key Buying Factors Analysis is a modern treasure map to customer centricity.

  • What is more important to you customer? Price? Quality? Reliability? Customer Centricity?
  • How do you perform regarding thos factors? Are you underperforming? do you deliver market standard? or might you even be a market leader?
  • Make game plans for offer and contract negotiation – you know what your customer truly values.


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