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Our approach


Our world-class-working tools are enabler for your business success. We are champions in business intelligence and IT systems. Well known industry leaders trust our expertise.


Any tool needs to be embedded into a robust business process. Otherwise change does not become the ‘new normal’. We have a huge repertoire of industry best-practise. Let’s implement these in your organisation.


Any tool and new process needs to be understood and perceived as valuable by the organisation. We are experienced coaches and trainers and implemented many large-scale international change projects.

Margin Management and Strategic Pricing
Growth Acceleration
Value Pricing/ Selling
Sales Force Effectiveness
Key Account Management
Contract Management
Sales Steering
Small Customer Management
Advanced Negotiation Skills

Do you have a challenge with profitability and/ or pricing?

Our top-notch analytical toolset and coaching concept drive your organisation to optimize profitability.

+ Identify profitability leakages

+ Realise pricing opportunities

+ Define strategic pricing framework

+ Eliminate negative tails

>> read a case study: Rollout of Margin Management <<

In the long run only growing companies survive. How does your top line development look like?

We support you in your growth agenda: From evaluating and defining target markets to the complete sales plan implementation.

+ Market/ Sales Strategy: Definition of target markets

+ Market Intelligence: Transparency on customers, prospects, competitors

+ Sales Plan: Multi-year planning per account

Get out of the ‘cost-plus’ trap and enter the universe of value-selling. We help to differentiate commodity from value opportunities. Get to known our value calculator and implement a new approach towards pricing.

+ Differentiation: Identify criteria to differentiate from competitors

+ Key Buying Factors/ Values: Determine the ‘next-best-alternative’ and understand what for customers are willing to pay more.

+ Value Pricing: Calculate a monetary value for your services and products

Without top line – no bottom line. Do you have the most effective sales setup including processes, tools, organisation?

Based on a time-spent study we free up time for what’s really relevant: Time on the field. Further we define the right sales setup to support your strategy.

+ Eliminate time wasters

+ Sales setup (regional, product groups, central vs de-central etc)

+ Sales profiles and roles

+ Effective sales tools and automation

Your key accounts and strategic accounts are of critical importance for your company. Therefore they need special attention. We have re-defined the way professional key/ strategic account management is done.

Quantitative and qualitative target setting based on:

+ Key buying factor and differentiation analytics

+ Action management linked to targets

+ Assessment of competitive environment

+ Approval process

+ Cockpits

Commercial contract management is of high importance for your financial result. Are the agreed and committed volumes followed? Do you apply raw material clauses strategically and are they applied properly? etc etc

+ RM clause management

+ General terms

+ Price vs volume optimisation

What`s important gets measured and at the same time you cannot manage where you do not get proper information. Do you have all facts in a cutting-edge format to make your decisions? We are experts in business intelligence and help with:

+ State-of-the-art management tools and processes which lead your organisation to success

+ Definition and cascading of KPIs to effectively follow your sales strategy

+ World-class cockpits and reports

+ Robust review processes

80 % of your profit is made with 20% of your customers?  A fragmented customer portfolio with many small customers brings a lot of variety. We help to define the right level of service and identify ways for efficiency.

+ Portfolio analysis to understand small customer base

+ Service Level Agreements

+ Process automations for small customers

You feel you need more negotiation power and a frame/ toolset that ensures better outcomes? We definitely can help. Your success highly depends on preparation. We implement a robust multiple-step-concept in your organisation that brings you on the fore-front of any negotiation.

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