CPM Consultancy Product Portfolio:

Top Line Booster

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In the long run only growing companies survive. How does your top line development look like?

We support you in your growth agenda: From evaluating and defining target markets to the complete sales plan implementation.

+ Market/ Sales Strategy: Definition of target markets

+ Market Intelligence: Transparency on customers, prospects, competitors

+ Sales Plan: Multi-year planning per account

Unlock untapped potential and drive top-line growth with „Top Line Booster.“ This dynamic program propels enterprises to new heights.
Join the league of those who have harnessed „Top Line Booster“ to accelerate growth.

Profit Pusher

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Presenting „Profit Pusher“: Elevate Your Business Profits!

Experience remarkable profit growth with „Profit Pusher.“ This dynamic solution empowers enterprises to maximize their bottom line.

+ Strategic Insights: Gain valuable data-driven insights for informed decision-making.

+ Revenue Optimization: Identify profit-boosting opportunities and optimize pricing.

+ Performance Enhancement: Drive operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

+ Targeted Solutions: Tailored strategies to unlock your business’s profit potential.

Proven Success: Trust our track record of delivering results for industry leaders.

Join those who have harnessed the power of „Profit Pusher“ to propel their profits.

Sales Force Effectiveness

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Without top line – no bottom line. Do you have the most effective sales setup including processes, tools, organisation?

Based on a time-spent study we free up time for what’s really relevant: Time on the field. Further we define the right sales setup to support your strategy.

+ Eliminate time wasters

+ Sales setup (regional, product groups, central vs de-central etc)

+ Sales profiles and roles

+ Effective sales tools and automation

Business Intelligence

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+ Design and Architecture of your business intelligence

+ Data Processing and Transformation

+ Smart Reporting: Self-Updating

+ High-End Analytics

+ Secure Microsoft-based environment

+ Ongoing Support and Continuous Enhancement: We provide continuous support and continuously enhance our solution to ensure your Business Intelligence is always up-to-date and meets your evolving needs.

Performance Management

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+ We design comprehensive systems that enable continuous top and bottom-line growth.

+ We accompany you and equip your sales force with state-of-the-art tools and skills to ensure this without compromise.

+ This program provides the means to analyze and implement solutions that directly impact your business at its core.

CPM Pricing

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Our groundbreaking book on Pricing unveils three powerful concepts:

+ Market-Based Target Pricing: Set prices to optimize demand and secure market position.

+ Competition-Based Pricing: Outmaneuver rivals and conquer the competitive arena.

+ Value-Added Pricing: Showcase unique value and command a premium.

ERP Robots

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Introducing ERP Robots: The Future of Enterprise Efficiency!

Say goodbye to manual, repetitive tasks. Our ERP Robots automate with 100% efficiency at 0% error rate.

✔ Unparalleled Speed: Robots work tirelessly, day or night.

✔ Flawless Execution: Guaranteed accuracy, no costly mistakes.

✔ Empower Your Workforce: Free up human resources for strategic tasks.

✔ Tailored & Secure: Customizable, compliant, and safeguarded.

Join the automation revolution today! Boost productivity, save time, and cut costs with ERP Robots. Contact us for a personalized demo and unleash the power of automation in your business!

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