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DiSC Personality profiles provides a simple way to measure human behavior. The foundation of the DiSC model was originally created by William Moulton Marston in 1928 when he first wrote the book, Emotions of Normal People. In his book, Marston identified four primary emotions in people.


Applying DiSC in your daily work environment will have significant benefits:

Better communication with employees, customers and business partners

Stronger customer relationships

Building teams based on the strengths of the employees

Creating high performance teams

Managers responding more specifically to their employees

Targeted distribution of tasks according to the strengths of the employees

Reduced potential for conflict

Satisfied employees with increased productivity



The DOMINANT style

Direct & Determined

The dominant type likes challenges and quick results. He is very confident and decisive.

Type D needs freedom and decision-making authority.
They often act quickly and without further ado. Dominant personality types can appear harsh and aggressive.

Behavioral Style Priorities:
Action – Challenge – Results


Optimistic and open minded

The initiative type likes to work in teams and share his ideas with others.

He is very expressive and enthusiastic. Type I enjoys work and loves social interaction.

He involves himself with new people and in situations, entertains you and appears charming.

Behavioral Style Priorities:
Enthusiasm – Action – Collaboration

The STEADY style

Sensitive and cooperative

Steady people are very cooperative and enjoy working in the background.

They have a balancing, harmonizing and stabilizing effect.
They are looking for solutions that work for everyone involved and have difficulties with changes and conflicts.

Steady people like to work in teams and are very careful when dealing with colleagues and customers.

Behavioral Style Priorities:
Collaboration – Support – Stability


Carefully and correctly

Conscientious people have a preference for numbers, data and facts. They are happy to work with specified processes and standards.

They work systematically and plan ahead. Their strong focus on logic makes the person often appear distanced.

Behavioral Style Priorities:
Stability – Accuracy – Challenge

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