We arm your sales force to be the number one your market space.

Our trainings are designed for immediate impact to your business: Our concepts are proven success factors of leading companies. To ensure a strong transfer into your business our trainers are long-term experts. They have been in the field in line management function. Of course all CPM trainers are passionate and experienced business coaches.

Concepts that succeed

  • Sales Leadership
  • Attitude and Motivation
  • Negotiation
  • Sell Value
We systematically build your influential (sales) leaders:
  • Read personality types quickly: Based on proven concepts you understand other people quickly. Build strong relationships to anybody after this training.
  • Influence: Master nine influencing strategies that work with your counterparts. Understand which ones to use in which situation to achieve your goals.
  • Mastering trust building: Build trust to anyone immediately – by applying four dimensions of trust.
  • Hot buttons: Which ones are your hot buttons and the one of your counterparts? Finding out and learning how to deal with them helps to turn crises into opportunities.

… and much more

Attitude and Motivation

Our own attitude determines our behavior and ultimately our success. Needless to say how important our attitude and mindset is when facing professional challenges. We offer a range of concepts that keep you focused on what`s relevant and that help you mastering your challenges in the right way. Expand your circle of influence, learn the habits of successful people and how to eliminate obstacles.


Negotiations are part of our daily life: Everybody negotiates with any one at any time. We teach and implement state-of-the-art concepts which allow you to control the process and the content during your negotiations separately. Our methodology guides you through multiple stages that make your outcome more successful.

Sell Value

Your value proposition is the most important element of your overall marketing and sales message. We define your outstanding value proposition during the training! While you walk through our CPM value framework you automatically define a value proposition that tells your prospects and customers why they want to do business with you rather than with your competitors.

  • What is really important to your customers?
  • What differentiates you from others?
  • What is the customer`s next best alternative and what calculated value do you provide?
  • How would you put the above on a value proposition?